Suitable for the following scale(s): 
N Scale
Features of product:
- This is a device which converts the AC for households into DC for model railroad products and feeds and controls power to soundbox and to turnouts as well as to a railroad crossings and electric signals.
- Equipped with a power supply switch, it can control turning on or off of all the connected accessories.
- The device feeds power to various accessories through snap terminals or the accessory terminal indicated in green colors.
- Equipped with overcurrent protection circuit, this device protects accessories connected in case of short circuit. When the cause is removed, it can be restored by turning on the power supply switch on it.
- Installed with LED indicator on the upper side. It is lit green if in order. If a short circuit is detected, it will be lit red.
- Input power: 13.5V or 17V
- Output Voltage: DC12V when AC adaptor for N scale models is in use. DC16V when AC adaptor for HO scale models is in use.
- Rated current: 2.0A
- Width: 40mm
- Depth: 85mm
- Height: 59mm
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