Product description ( sic )
Size: W850 mm x H1200 mm
Raw material: Ernest (flame resistant material)
* Body Only fireproof product.
Premium childbirth): The importance of 100% Polyester Fabric.
Not only will look and feel, while polyester cotton with a texture closer to finish.
Aptly called can but not least, despite fireproof with your laundry.
If you need a lot, the flag from your previous cycle as you want your voice to meet an innovative product.
* Washing Features are limited in solid color. Do not wash after each name will be so please be careful.
Tailoring: Both loops at the back
Please note: other items and should be washed separately in the washing up.
Do not bleach with detergent is the causes of fading, so please be careful.
Installed on the thinking: * Screen and with the real, etc. May be slightly different. Please understand in advance. 
Color : black
Brand new item.