NOREN 150 x 85 CM.


New, polyester 100 %
Material: Made of durable 100% polyester fiber. 
The linen-like textured surface is durable, lightweight 
and breathable, so it has a casual texture that does not feel pressure
Simple Design: The light texture and delicate woven fabric make 
it an attractive noren. The simple design is easy to match and transparent,
so it can be used regardless of Japanese or Western room and 
can be divided without feeling of blockage
Uses: A high-quality norens that can be hung in a variety of places such 
as living rooms, living rooms, entryways, Japanese rooms, western rooms, 
hallways. It can be used to cover your room in style and transform
the atmosphere of your interior with this single piece
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1 ) contact at : tell 
the size you want, the quantity and the country 
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2 ) you get a price offer, shipping included 
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3 ) if you want to proceed, you tell your PayPal 
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