The Korean took to the game during the 
Japanese occupation.
It's the same game, the cards are printed 
on red plastic,
there are some bonus cards and some cards 
have some inscriptions
the Japanese cards don't have.
54 plastic cards, 3,6 x 5,6 cm.
Brand new item.
The price does not include shipping.
Purchasing procedure :
1 ) contact at : nipponbased@gmail.com tell 
the size you want, the quantity and the country 
where you want the order shipped
2 ) you get a price offer, shipping included 
( if different shipping methods are available, you 
choose one )
3 ) if you want to proceed, you tell your PayPal 
email address ( N.B. payment by bank transfer
to a bank in France is also possible )
4 ) you receive a PayPal payment request for your 
order and after you pay, your order is shipped
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