6 markers set.
Product dimension : ~ 7,6 x 2,5 x 15,2 cm.
N.B. it is a product for the Japanese market, all info is in Japanese only.

Automatic translation ( approximate ).

It is a six color set of marker for Gundam (painting / alcohol type) that can easily enjoy metallic metallic feeling.
Metallic set gold is antenna and duct of Gundam, metallic set Silver is a weapon blade, metallic set blue is a body of blue series,
Metallic set green can be used for Gundam camera eye etc, metallic set red for red type body, etc. Sumire pen (black) can be used for Gundam armor groove etc.
[Contents of set] 
GM151 Metallic set gold
GM152 metallic set silver
GM153 Metallic Set Blue
GM154 metallic set green
GM155 Metallic Set Red
GM 20 Sumire handwriting pen (black)


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