Synthetic leather.
Info from the maker [sic] :
Size: 9.0 mold (47 x)
Mouth: 5 split (with separator)
Weight: about 4.8kg
Material: Patent, Synthetic Leather
Accessories: Name Plate, Shoulder, Hood
"EVA" Golf "series, the long awaited NERV Color release.
The side panel's unique design a distinctive finish, we also have an unparalleled form will last for years.
Handle Portion from the zipper, down to the heart of the fan to the kusuguru and fine workmanship.
Item location : Fukuoka, Japan
EMS Shipping : Airmail Express Registered Japan Post.
N.B. Possible customs taxes are not included in the price.
N.B. 3 ~ 5 business days between payment and shipping.

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