1 stick : 11 cm., 6 g.
Flavor : Corn Potage
Composition : corn, eggs, parsley ( all powdered ) and others
N.B. For knowing buyers : this is a product for Japanese consumers,
        all the information on the pack is in Japanese only, you buy it being
        aware of the fact.   
Maker : Yaokin ( Tokyo )
Fresh, sell by date.
The price does not include shipping.
Purchasing procedure :
1 ) contact at : nipponbased@gmail.com tell 
the size you want, the quantity and the country 
where you want the order shipped
2 ) you get a price offer, shipping included 
( if different shipping methods are available, you 
choose one )
3 ) if you want to proceed, you tell your PayPal 
email address ( N.B. payment by bank transfer
to a bank in France is also possible )
4 ) you receive a PayPal payment request for your 
order and after you pay, your order is shipped
N.B. returns are not accepted