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Hayanome Noren Museum

Hayanome Noren Museum
( Bridal Curtain Museum )

Probably the only Noren museum in the world !

Tsu-bu 49, Madashimachi, Nanao City, Ishikawa, 926–0818, Japan
Tel: +81–767–53–8743
Email :
Website :

About an hour from Kanazawa station to Nanao station
by train by the limited express ” Noto Kagaribi “,
from there, an 8 mn. walk to the museum.

A regional custom has a bridal noren hanging in the groom’s house
and the bride passes through during the wedding ceremony, the noren
is not used anymore after that, it is folded away and stored.
The museum has a rotating display of such noren and the guests can dress up
in trditional wedding oufits and re-enact the ritual.