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Furikake : The Indispensable Japanese Seasoning

In Japanese, ” furikake ” means ” sprinkle over “,
it is a kind of dried, mixed seasonings that is sprinkled on top of rice,
it comes in a wide range of flavours : salmon, eggs, wasabi, bonito and many more.
At restaurants in Japan a pot is nearly always available, in bento boxes, it can be
already sprinkled on the rice or kept separately, it is also used to flavour onigiri
and sushi rolls, mixed with the rice or as outer coating.
Furikake is not limited to rice and can also flavour pasta or even popcorn,
your imagination is the limit !
This delicious seasoning is widely popular not only with Japanese cooks but with
food lovers all around the world.

Furikake Sake ( Salmon ) by Hagoromo

Furikake Tamago 500 g by Hagoromo

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Mizuame : The Japanese Sweetener

In Japanese ” mizu ” means ” water ” and ” ame ” means ” candy “,
Mizuame is a thick, clear and sticky sweetener made by converting
starch to sugars, it is used a bit like honey and is quite similar to
corn syrup.
The starch source can be rice mixed with malt or sweet potatoes,
the rice & malt method ( mugi mizuame ) is considered more tasty.

Mizuame, 600 g. Gyoumu Super