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Easier Versions of Shogi

9 Masu Shogi

Played on a 3×3 square, uses only 8 of the original types of pieces.
The movements and goal of checkmate remain but there are 40
different starting positions.
The game was developped by Teruichi Aono, a professional shogi player
and has been endorsed by the Japan Shogi Association.

Doubutsu Shogi ( ” Animals ” Shogi )
English name : Let’s catch the Lion

Played on 3×4 squares.
Both players have only 4 pieces :
Chick, Giraffe, Elephant & Lion
The goals : catch the opponent’s lion
or move your own lion to the other side
How to play :
The giraffe moves like a rook ( but moves only 1 space ).
The elephant moves like a bishop ( but moves only 1 space ).
The chick is like the pawn of Shogi,
and is promoted to chicken ( = the gold general in Shogi ).
The lion is like the king but he can win essentially by promoting,
as long as it doesn’t leave him in check.
You are still able to drop in pieces that you captured from your opponent.
Unlike in Shogi, you can drop a chick for mate or have two chicks in a column.

Kyoto Shogi

Played on 5×5 squares.
Invented by Tamiya Katsuya in 1976
See Wikipedia :
for detailed information

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